Welcome! This website is a funnel (a port hole?) to my editing services. You can contact me here (via the Contact page), but, in the meantime, let me tell you a bit about what I do.

I have sixteen years of copy editing and proofreading experience, in many different arenas, from TV dramedy to quarterly medical reports. I travel in many divergent circles that have handily (and mostly pleasantly) diversified my awarenessess and vocabularies, and therefore strengthened my editing chops.

I love the written word and am committed to making writing make sense, touch the reader, and be the best it can be.

For my freelance clients, I mostly edit/copy edit manuscripts. I’ve also been known to freelance teleplays, screenplays, web content, bios — even a concert program.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for your editing needs!


What clients have to say about Sharon Eldridge:

“My client was really pleased with your work. Here’s what she wrote this morning: ‘kudos to the proofreader. her work was excellent and i really like how she explained everything she did.’ So thank you again!” – Eva Long

“I so appreciate your knowledge and eagle-eyed proofing. Thank you for correcting my typos and number formatting […]. You’re a gem – thank you so much!” – Anne Stevenson

“I asked Sharon to proof/copy-edit my unpublished memoir, paying particular attention to certain consistency issues. She not only marked the issues, but also found inconsistencies I was unaware of. She fact-checked everything from song lyrics to place names. She did a remarkably thorough job and also kept to the level of edit requested. I’m an editor, too, and know how hard that is! She improved my manuscript significantly.” – Helen Sinoradzki

“Great inconsistency and clarity catches!” – Lisa Alber